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Practical Life

The exercises of Practical Life Activities are designed to foster independence, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-control. The purpose of exercises such as sorting, pouring, lacing, cutting, folding, polishing, sweeping, food preparation etc. that children use in their day to day lives, is to develop concentration, hand eye coordination, attention to detail and muscle development, which indirectly prepares a child for writing.


The purpose of sensorial exercises is the isolation of a single quality such as colour, weight, shape, texture, sound and smell in each exercise. Sensorial materials in a Montessori classroom helps children to discriminate, classify, and compare concepts such as length, height, weight, width and depth. The children’s manipulation of the Sensorial materials develops essential skills such as differentiation, independent, judgement, estimations and exactness of perception and perception of similarities and differences which also assist in laying the foundation for future arithmetic work.


Language is the ability our children use to express themselves with words. The Montessori language curriculum is meticulously designed to give children the tools of expression both in verbal and written form. Children learn phonic sounds through various fun activities, recognizing and associating letters with phonic sounds. They then start reading, building and blending words and eventually progress to consonant diagraphs and vowel digraphs. The last stage of reading is the introduction to early grammar, comprehension and creative writing. All activities are done with concrete manipulatives that can be felt and touched.



“ The Montessori child does not learn math, they experience it.” A child begins learning mathematical concepts through the use of concrete mathematical materials such as number rods, sandpaper numbers, beads, symbol cards which familiarize the child with the decimal system. Children master the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Other concepts such as fractions, time, measuring and patterns are also introduced in a hands on manner.

Cultrual Studies

Cultural studies provide the foundation for children to learn the world around them as it encompasses science, geography, botany, history and cultural awareness. The children experience our world with real-life, hands on learning, exploring and studying all that the world has to teach us.

In addition to the above our program includes learning basic French, cooking, music and movement, sports and a variety of extracurricular activities.

To provide an engaging educational experience by empowering young minds, igniting passion and inspiring confidence. To deliver a core curriculum in a nurturing environment focused on the holistic development of each child’s mind, body and soul.

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